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Peak Moment Conversations

Last Post: Peak Moment TV has a new website!

February 4th, 2013


As of February 1, 2013, we will no longer post to this site. We’ll leave it up, so you can still watch past Peak Moment Conversations here.

But we think you’ll prefer watching old and new episodes at our jazzy new site www.peakmoment.tvVideos are higher quality, and you can subscribe to receive an email every time a new video is posted.

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Stay with us as the Peak Moment journey continues! ~Janaia and Robin

226 Inspiration Farm - Cultivating Nourishing Food and Creativity

January 21st, 2013


“Changing times calls for changing lifestyles.” says Brian Kerkvliet. “So [we’ve] put more energy into the land… The more you get your fingers in the soil, the more endorphins rush through your head. You get excited by all of that.” Using permaculture and biodynamic practices, Brian’s family is endlessly experimenting and innovating to find what works. His wife Alexandra and daughter Rosalie introduce us to the goats, pigs, and cows who are essential players in their farm’s web of life. Don’t miss the outdoor shower with water heated by microbes in the compost pile! (Episode 226). []


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225: Preparing Emotionally for the Coming Chaos

January 3rd, 2013


“The external growth of a budding economy is over. The focus on growth now needs to be on the inner world.” Carolyn Baker’s Navigating the Coming Chaos is a toolkit to prepare emotionally and spiritually for the collapse of industrial civilization now underway. First build an “internal bunker,” she suggests, to begin healing the fear, grief and despair that immobilize many people in our “culture of numbness.” From that foundation, she invites us to look at who our allies are people, places, possessions. Carolyn observes that many people experience a level of joy by doing this work (Episode 225). []


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224: Dignity Village - A Community By and For the Homeless, part 2

December 10th, 2012


“No violence. No theft. No drugs or alcohol. No constant disruptive behavior. Everyone must contribute to the village.”  While finishing our tour, Jon Hawkes lays out the five agreements residents must abide by, all forged by real-world experience. What would it be like if our entire society followed these rules? Celebrating its tenth anniversary, Dignity Village is an organically evolving, self-organizing intentional community and a model for others. []


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223: Dignity Village - A Community By and For the Homeless

November 28th, 2012

pm223_6401.jpg“Anybody can come through our gates 8 am-10 pm and use all of our facilities. We have hot showers, a telephone, free computers internet-ready, our commons, offices, [and a free store of donated items.] Anybody has access to this.” Tour guide Jon Hawkes highlights this community’s generosity to the larger community: its residents well understand what homeless people need. Visit their greenhouse, gardens, houses, and business enterprises all built with ingenuity on a city-owned site. []


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222: Applying a Peak Oil Filter to Financial Choices

November 12th, 2012

pm222_620.jpg“If peak oil occurs, it will dominate most everything else that we do, because energy drives everything.” Financial consultant Jim Hansen’s peak oil filter doesn’t just guide  investment decisions for his client portfolios. He applies it to his personal lifestyle (you may be surprised to learn what car he drives). He’s also concerned about community impacts when fuel prices are higher, like centralized hospitals dependent on people driving to them, rather than many smaller localized facilities. Jim makes an important point: “If I get it right but my community gets it wrong, it could overwhelm everything I’ve done personally.” []


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221: Human-Powered Machines - Can Pedals Power the World?

October 14th, 2012


Jump on that bike and power up the blender for your morning smoothie! Matthew Corson-Finnerty shows several machines he has developed while at Aprovecho Center in Oregon. Watch us pedal power an electricity generator, a grain mill, a blender, and a straw-chopper. Matthew notes there’s “considerable difference between the power that one person can generate, and [what’s] generated by a fossil fuel engine or a coal-fired plant to provide electricity.” After watching these machines, what do you think? []

BlipTV | Janaia’s journal: Taking a Ride on Pedal-Powered Machine(s) | iTunes | Audio


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220: Simplicity, Joy and Social Change

September 30th, 2012


When Cecile Andrews asked herself, “What matters?” the answer popped up: “Having time to do the things you want to do.” She simplified her life, quit her full-time job, and started simplicity circles to support others in savoring life. Now she has expanded into neighborhood stop-and-chats and a Gross National Happiness movement. Her latest book advocates broadening the joy in our lives Less is More: Embracing Simplicity for a Healthy Planet, A Caring Economy, and Lasting Happiness. []


BlipTV | Janaia’s journal Cecile Andrews - From Simplicity Circles to Community Building | iTunes | Audio  


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219: Prairie Fire - Revolutionize the Food System

September 10th, 2012


Novelist Dan Armstrong’s Prairie Fire is a fast-paced thriller whose characters forge unlikely alliances to revolutionize the American food system. It’s spearheaded by farmers squeezed by skyrocketing oil prices while marketeers get whopping price gains. This revolution is unlikely to succeed, yet… well, we won’t spoil it! In Dan’s Taming the Dragon, climate change causes Chinese grain production to plummet, bringing the world to the brink. Dan illuminates the real-world backdrop behind both novels. His solution? Localize food production. Meet farmer Harry MacCormack with exciting results in central Oregon. []


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218 Solving the Environmental Crises - We Can Do It!

August 29th, 2012

pm218_550.jpgFuturist Guy Dauncey’s enthusiastic determination is absolutely infectious! The author of Climate Change: 101 Solutions to Global Warming sees multiple environmental crises descending on us all at once. He points to numerous historical examples of our coming together around critical issues. “We can do this!” he insists. We can “change, adapt, innovate and build an entire economy operating in harmony with nature.” Tools like the internet and cellphones enable us to amplify organizing worldwide, so we can follow our ancestors’ lead in “not wimping out.” []


BlipTV | iTunes | Audio | Janaia’s journal: Guy Dauncey and Joanna Macy: The Great Transition 


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