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Peak Moment Conversations » Blog Archive » 186: Your Money, Your Life, Your Happiness

186: Your Money, Your Life, Your Happiness

pm186_150.jpgPublished 20 years ago, Your Money or Your Life was written for these times, asserts co-author Vicki Robin. Following its nine steps has transformed our own lives and those of some of our Peak Moment guests, just like the subtitle says: Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Achieving Financial Independence.

People examine their assumptions about money, decide what is “Enough,” get out of debt, and free up life energy to invest in what matters most to them. Vicki discusses applying these same tools to relationships with our time, opportunities for creativity and exchange, building community, and her ten-mile food diet. [].

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7 Responses to “186: Your Money, Your Life, Your Happiness”

  1. Stuart M. Says:

    What a great interview! Their book “Your Money or Your Life” had such a great influence on me. It showed me there was light at the end of the tunnel, we weren’t all just lab rats running on a treadmill. I was already a saver and had very little debt, but the book encouraged me to save even more and finally led me to “retire” at the age of 38. I haven’t regretted doing so for one second. Although I am again on the treadmill (remarriage will do that), I still have the peace of mind of knowing I have reached financial independence and can “drop out” again whenever I want.

    No, I didn’t follow their admonition to only invest in government bonds and that led to some very harrowing moments, but Greece and Ireland (and our own government’s behavior right now) show us that government debt isn’t as safe as we think it is either!

    Vicki hasn’t rested on her laurels, she’s now investigating other fields to implement the principles of Your Money or Your Life. She’s become a locavore and worries about Overshoot. Great! Thanks, Janaia and Robin, for this wonderful interview.

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  4. Mike Says:

    I read this book years ago and decided it was THE path. My wife and I embarked on a journey to become completely debt free. I’m excited to say that we realized that dream in December, 2010. We are both 46 years old. I’ve been repaying a debt of one type or another for 30 years. Feels weird not to owe. Now I am on a mission to find my dream job.

  5. robyn Says:

    Mike ~ huge congratulations to you and your wife on becoming debt free!! Such a liberation, isn’t it? Best wishes in finding your dream work (it may not be a job working for someone else…)
    A toast to you both! Janaia & Robyn

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  7. Iselin Celestine Says:

    So fun - chuckling. Creativity abounds, even in the listening. How I appreciate yet another articulation of our communal (and personal) circumstances - in these times. Every person’s different expression of this, different perspective about this, serves to enhance and broaden my own. Wow! Never thought about the aspect of divorce - separating couples/families - from a perspective of infinite (economic) growth/the GDP. Or simply - twice the number of homes, stuff, etc.

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